Friday, June 30, 2006

Look how cute I was!

I know, "What happened?" you ask. I've heard that one before.

Ocala is a little hillier than Houston, or Oldsmar, FL, and it was probably 5 degrees cooler than I'm used to this morning, so I had a nice 6 miler.

Here's me and my Dad, about 23-24 years ago.

This is me and my step-mom, Judy, on their wedding day.

Me and my brother.

Listening to: The Who - Teenage Wasteland



Humble Runner said...

What flavor ice cream took you down?

Keith said...

I know. Plain old vanilla.

But there was hot apple pie involved...

Humble Runner said...

I like your math... two negatives make a postive! You grad's think of everything.