Saturday, June 17, 2006

12 tired miles

I got to the park a few minutes late and everybody had left already. I spent quite a bit of energy trying to catch them, and by the time I did, I was drained. I made it through the full 12 miles, but I was very tired. This is the end of the first week at 6 miles per day. Usually the second week at a new mileage level is the most difficult, but the third is okay, so if I make it through next week, I should be okay.

So I got back to the park, and renewed my membership for another year, and got my free gift - a nice pair of trail-running socks from New Balance.

I've decided that Jamoosh's style of posting what music he's listening is cool enough that I'm going to totally rip it off. I wish I thought of it first, but I don't care any more, I'm not too proud to not rip it off. I guess the whole running blog idea was a rip-off too.

Listening to: Elvis Costello - Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (The same eyes, the same lips, the same lie from your tongue trips)



Steve Bezner said...

So how about just one taste of one of these new flavors?

umm...they are calling you!

Keith said...

The white chocolate almond ice cream would probably be worth it.