Thursday, June 22, 2006

6 miles, 20 dollars and a coke

I was near the 5 mile mark this morning, when there was a small wiener dog running around, and a very tired and angry old asian woman chasing her. The woman's english was very bad, but I eventually got the message that she needed my help catching her dog. Easier said than done.

Usually, you have to be nice and get the dog to come to you, but that quickly became clear that it was never going to happen. She was lightning fast and wouldn't come within 10 feet of me. The woman was trying to tell me that I could grab her and she'd never bite me, but who knows what the dog would do in that situation.

I eventually cornered her by one of the entrances to the local high school, and the dog gave up and layed down and rolled over, so that was a bit of a relief. I carried the dog back to her house, and she wouldn't let me put the dog down until she gave me $20, and a Coke. It was funny because this woman was quite a gem. She's always yelling and her english is almost completely incomprehensible, and it was like she had no idea that she was hard to understand. Most of the time, I could only pick out a few phrases, like 'Bad Dog!' and 'What do you want me to do!' and 'I'll kill you!' I think the dog's name was something like 'may-be-ah' or something similar.

Listening to: Townes Van Zandt - Cowboy Junkies Lament (There's a hole in heaven where some sin slips through. Close your eyes and breath real steady. Could be a little spill on you.)



Vic said...

I don't know why but I just had a vision of Mickey trying to get Rocky to catch that chicken. "You're gonna be faster than greased lightning!"

Keith said...

That's hilarious Vic, it was a little like that.

Maybe that's what that woman was yelling, "Greased lightning! You got heart kid, but you ain't got the brains! Eat lightning! Crap thunder!" said...

You can come up and do Run The Woodlands 20 times now.

Wait. The gas alone will only allow for one trip. Just make it on August 12th! Please.

Have a great time in Florida, by the way.