Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6 fat miles

Today's six miler and yesterday's six miler have been a little bit of a struggle to get myself going. This mileage bump is a little intimidating for some reason. On top of that, with a little imagination, I can feel some discomfort in the outside of my left foot, where I've had problems before.

Plus, I've actually gained a pound or two in the last week. Only I can gain weight in a week where I run 49 miles. Several months ago, I analyzed my previous training, and figured out what mileage, and what body weight, makes my left foot hurt. And now, with the mileage bump, and my little snack cracker bump, I'm on the highway to the danger zone, writing checks my body can't cash.

I started a little earlier today, around 6:30 instead of 7:00, and it definitely helps. I ran slow, without my watch. I felt better about my whole situation after about 3 miles or so, and took a loop around Strawberry Park, where there's always a lot of walkers and a few runners too.

This streak has helped me stay focused. Before the streak, on a morning like this one, I probably would have hit the snooze and went back to sleep, promising to run this evening, or tomorrow. Whether or not to run isn't really a question anymore.

I'll run easy, and behave myself, for the rest of the week, and I should be out of the danger zone by Monday.



Vic said...

take it easy, bro!

Susan said...

It's going to be a hot, hot summer.