Monday, June 19, 2006

Pasadena is a big mess

I decided not to run today. It was pouring at 5:30, so I delayed until 6:30, and it was still pouring. So I decided today would be the end of my streak, and I began to get ready for work. When I was out walking my dog, there were people just standing outside, looking at the flooded parking lot, and it was clear that I wasn't going to be driving anywhere anytime soon, and rather than sit and do nothing while the waters recede, I laced up and went running.

It wasn't raining that bad at that point, and there wasn't any lightning, and traffic was very light, obviously. There was flooding everywhere, with stalled cars every block. I was running down Vista Ave, a divided road with a small bayou in the middle, and there was a car sitting in the middle of the bayou, with water halfway up the windshield. About a quarter mile later, there was another car in the bayou. Later on, between miles 5 and 6 there were two more cars in the bayou. I don't know exactly how they got there, I guess if the water is high enough so you can't see the curb, you can do stupid things like that. There were some people with a television camera filming one of the cars in the bayou, and they also got some footage of yours truly, running through the rain like a monkey on barbed wire.

6.31 miles at 10:09 m/m

My foot hurts occasionally when I'm walking without shoes. It's okay when I'm running, but I'm a little worried.

Listening to: Corrosion of Conformity - Deliverance (Is there no one to deliver you from your ignorance?)



elf said...


Where does your foot hurt? If it's at the bottom, back near your heel, it could be PF. When I had it years ago, it bothered me the most when I was barefoot and right when I woke up in the morning. Be careful with it--it can be tough to get rid of...

Keith said...

I don't think it's PF. It seems to be more on the lateral edge of the foot, right by the cuboid bone.

I had problems with it last year when I was training for the NYCM. I eventually saw a doctor and she told me it was just 'wear and tear.' There are a few ligaments in the area and the peroneal tendon which could be the problem. Usually I can deal with it if I reduce mileage and lose weight.

Humble Runner said...

Glad to see you made the best out of todays weather.