Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thanks for voting for me, you guys rock!

Whoo hoo! HRB Runner of the Month! I really am excited to win it, thanks to everybody who voted for me.

My current training was designed to address specific weaknesses of mine, and consistency is at the top of the list, followed closely by my propensity for ice cream and cheez-its, and my ability to get real fat, real quick. So, it feels like I'm doing much better in those two areas. For the most part I think it stems from my decision to give up on doing things 'in moderation.' (D'you member when I went off on those pushy 'Everything in Moderation' people and called them all A-holes. That was funny.) No, moderation is for stronger people than I.

Another 5 miler today, and it was a little bit difficult. Too fast, or too hot, but definitely too something.

Here are my stats.
1 : 9:30
2 : 9:13
3 : 8:55
4 : 8:55
5 : 8:52

Total : 5.07 miles in 46:01
Avg Pace : 9:05

Rock on.

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