Tuesday, June 20, 2006

6 more, still raining :(

Running in the rain on Sunday was fun. Yesterday, the flooding was tremendous, and I didn't think to curse the rain for ruining my run. But today, it has gotten old. I'm tired of running in wet shoes, and I'm tired of having pruney fingers by the end of it.

That's all I've got today. Sorry, no humorous comments. I'm not in the mood to rant and call anybody an A-hole either.

Listening to: Ben Folds - Hiro's Song (I wanna explode... in a karaoke supernova.)



Vic said...

Do you get blisters at all from the wet feet/shoes/socks?

Barbara said...

I forgot to write it on my own blog so I'll write it on yours. I was telling a fellow runner at work yesterday about your long running streak that finally ended. We decided glad you had fun with it, made it a goal but didn't obsess when it ended (not that there are any obsessive runners....)

I listened to Queen this morning. Bohemian Rhapsody came on first (I'd had the iPod on shuffle) which of course led to We Are The Champions.

I love Queen. They have to be one of the best ever bands.

Humble Runner said...

Love the new JACK IN THE BOX counter. The last two times I reset my calorie counter it was due to Jack and his damn 2 for a dollar tacos!