Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Runners Against Back Pain and Bird Flu

Five miles for my homeboys and homegirls on the DL.

Here are my stats.
1 : 9:27
2 : 9:20
3 : 9:05
4 : 8:55
5 : 8:34

Total : 5.03 miles in 45:40
Avg Pace : 9:05



Cassie (TIGGS) said...

I want to see some other numbers- have you lost weight with the 106 days streak??

Keith said...

I have lost weight too, so it may inflate the degree of improvement due to fitness.

I'll think about posting those numbers. I usually don't discuss them.

Erica said...

What happened to the snack crackers?

Humble Runner said...

Yeah, tell us more about the snack cracker reset. I'm sure a funny story is there somewhere.

Keith said...

Yeah, about the snack crackers.
Basically, the long run munchies got me. Nothing I had could be prepared fast enough, and although Combos aren't technically snack crackers, they in the same super-family, and they have a lot of powdered processed cheese food product inside, so I thought it best to reset it.

Thank you so much for calling attention to it. ;)