Sunday, June 04, 2006

5 miles, I need another hobby.

I found 5 miles on the Seabrook trails this morning. They were just laying there and nobody was running them, so I was all, okay, I'll run them. And the miles were like, you? and I was all, yah, and they were like, hmph, and I said, I can do it, shut up. So I ran, and by the end they were all, sir, you have humbled me, and I was like, don't judge people so quickly. That's basically how it happened.

I was thinking the other day, that I need another hobby, in addition to running. People like to ask, "what else do you do besides working and running?"

Sometimes, I bookmark some things, that stuff that's on the right panel, and I've thought that maybe I could get into this or that. Like pigeon racing, remember when I said I could get interested in that? I wasn't kidding, I could get interested in training and racing pigeons, but I think it's probably not easy to do in an apartment, so maybe I'll revisit that at a later date. It does kind of seem like and 'old fart' hobby, maybe I'll do it when I'm an old fart.

And another time, I said I could get into competitive eating. I was half-joking, but I think I could actually be quite good at it. For some reason, though I suspect that chicks won't really dig it.

I also posted some stuff about people that make high end timepieces. That kind of detailed work really appeals to me. The only drawback is the cost that is involved in acquiring the necessary equipment, and the materials to do a good job. In a similar theme, I also thought about getting into violin making. I'm sure that would get expensive too. It can be done with mostly hand tools, but you know how it starts with a moderate investment, but things get added, and before you know it, you've spent way more than you planned.

I run by a boxing club almost every morning, and sometimes I think I might like to try that. I'm sure I wouldn't like it, I really don't want to punch anybody, and I certainly don't want anyone to punch me. I think I'd like the training.

I also thought, a time or two, that I'd like to write a comic book. I've got some ideas, and a basic story outline, but actually, I was thinking I should try to be less geeky. And I can't draw.

Maybe I'll learn to play an instrument. I was getting into watching the French Open this weekend, maybe I'll take up tennis. Maybe I'll invent the five-cheese pizza. (why do they stop at four?)

What suggestions do you have for me?
What other things do you do besides working and running?



Anonymous said...

I've had an hobby identity crises for years. For some reason, running is one of the few hobbies has stuck so far. Hmm.. you can one of my old hobbies I don't do any more: pig farming.

(I've changed my identity to anonymous to prevent any embarassing comments on my blog).

JoeC said...

Have you tried blogging Keith? I hear it is a quite popular hobby these days.

Personally, I enjoy sleeping. It is an overlooked pastime, although my memories of it are rather foggy.

Keith said...

Who's the pig farmer? I'm dying to know!

Sarah said...

I came across this link today and found it funny. Maybe you could make puppets!