Thursday, June 08, 2006

Three laps on the bridge

When I mentioned to my training partner that I wanted to start running 3 laps on the bridge next week, she suggested we just start today. We ran pretty easily, and even took a couple walking breaks on the flat parts, and still averaged about 9:17 per mile.

Here are my stats.
1 : 9:06
2 : 8:44
3 : 8:59
4 : 10:02
5 : 9:28
6 : 9:22

Total : 6.02 miles in 55:53
Avg Pace : 9:17

I'm starting to get the urge to race again, right at the time when there aren't going to be any longer than a 5K for several months. The two hour half marathon was always a goal, and I came real close in the first half I did at White Rock in 2004. I ran it in 2:00:16.9 - so close! Since then training has been spotty, and I've only recently started to feel like I could improve it. So, that will be one major goal for the fall - maybe at the Koala/Luke's Half. So there's that goal and the TMC. Oh yeah, and a friend of mine might run Philly, so I might go run another one in Philly. And maybe Big Sur. Why don't I just run all of them? All the marathons in all the world. Why not? Well, because my ego's writing checks my body can't cash, that's why not.


2 comments: said...

June 17, Saturday, San Antonio, Carrabba's Classic Half .. 4 loops in the morning heat.

Keith said...

Thanks Jon, I did see that one. I didn't like the loop idea or the heat idea.