Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6 miles. Day by day, returning to form.

Well, another 6 miles, after very little sleep. It was warm and sunny, but I got through it. I keep telling myself if I make it through this week I'll be okay. Next week I'll be on vacation, so I'll get to do some running in sunny Florida, and maybe even Key West for a couple days. Sadly though, it means I'll miss the blogger gathering.

I haven't been feeling like myself the last few weeks. I don't mean as a runner, but as a blogger. Where's my angst? Where's my nonsense? Sure, the bear with the soda can yoke was funny, but that was a re-tread. I've posted it before. Later on in this post I will mention that there's a whole group of people that should burn in hell, so that's something. :)

Surely there's something brewing. I'm turning 30 in 6 days.

Responding to some recent comments...

Vic - I haven't gotten any blisters for a long time, even with these perpetually soggy shoes I've been wearing. I usually have a pair of good, tight-fitting running socks that stick to my feet well, so there's very little friction on my skin.

Bill - Jack-in-the-Box is the number two threat behind the ice cream. Maybe the counter will help me stick to it. Occasionally I fall for the whole 'once in a while is okay' argument, but I can't do things in moderation. I've said it before, people who can do things in moderation should burn in hell.

Barbara - You missed it, I said I changed my mind and went running anyway. My streak lives. And yes I am obsessed about it to an unhealthy degree. :)

Listening to: HED(PE) - Sabbra Cadabra (unintelligible)



Vic said...

hey, dude. I'm adding your Yahoo messenger handle to my buddy list. Just making sure. Is it keith_loves_potato_salad, with the underscores?

Humble Runner said...

I admire your mileage!

Will you hit the half-century mark this week?

Keith said...

If all goes to plan, I'll just barely make it.

Keith said...

Yeah Vic, that's it. Everybody should add me, I'm your buddy!