Monday, June 05, 2006

Get ready.

Here are my stats so that you may update your graphs.
1 : 9:56
2 : 9:32
3 : 9:22
4 : 9:19
5 : 8:41

Total : 5.05 miles in 47:18
Avg Pace : 9:21

I lost about a pound and a half yesterday alone, just by getting a haircut. I had been getting the Bucky Covington, but I was kicking around some ideas with Lola and said, maybe I'll get the Ace Young, and she said, 'maybe maybe.' So then Lola said, "ju know, both of those guys are gonna fall of the earth now, the season's over." And I said, "yeah, but I can't pull off the Taylor Hicks if that's what you're thinking." And she said, "please, he'll be playing the street corner in Vegas by next year, ju don wanna do that, I know." She continued, "no, I think ju should get the Seacrest. Now, I know ju hate him, but don't dismiss it right away, in fact, go take a walk, or come back tomorrow. Yeah, come back tomorrow and I'll give ju the Seacrest." And with that she pushed me out the door.

So I took a slow walk, and I watched the sunset, and I thought, "crazy Lola." I walked some more, I contemplated my place in the universe. "Seacrest," I scoffed. "Crazy."

Things are in flux, much like when I first started dieting and running.

Is the world ready for Keith 3.0?


Holden said...

Them are beautiful negative splits.
Is the version 3.0 anything like MS Vista a.k.a. "Project Longhorn?"

jamoosh said...

ju are off my graf man

Keith said...

I don't know Project Longhorn. I assume your comment is clever, because they usually are.

I'll post the details of Keith 3.0 soon.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

go with the seacrest, yehhh...def the seacrest....

JustJunebug said...

did you get the seacrest????