Friday, March 31, 2006

3 miles on Friday

I'm very glad it's Friday. I ran another 3 miler this morning - surprise.

Here are my splits:

1 : 10:10
2 : 9:42
3 : 9:03
Total : 3.04 miles in 29:16
Avg Pace : 9:37

I tried to keep the pace easy, but there was still a mile around 9 m/m. But my foot feels okay. Tomorrow, I'll do an even worse job of keeping my pace easy - Oh, I'm not sure if you know this, but, I can see the future a little. Yeah, tomorrow, I'll run with the club and I'll average around 9:15 for 6 miles. But my foot will feel okay for that run too, so I'll attribute it to a good pair of shoes and I'll be hopeful that I've solved the problem.


Thursday, March 30, 2006


Here are my stats so that you may update your graphs.

1 : 10:19
2 : 9:46
3 : 9:20
Total : 3.06 miles in 29:56
Avg Pace : 9:47

1 : 10:04
2 : 9:23
3 : 9:03
Total : 3.11 miles in 29:29
Avg Pace : 9:29

The past few days or so, it's become more obvious that I can feel my left foot hurting me, right there by the cuboid, right where it hurt me last year and trashed my NYCM time. So that's upsetting me a bit right now. I got a different pair of shoes today, a stability shoe from New Balance, similar to the first pair of running shoes I had. Those shoes seemed to work out for me pretty well, and since I can't find that exact model, I'll try something similar.

And the date for the oral qualifier is set, but it won't be tomorrow like I was hoping, but next Friday. So I have another week to get more and more sick of reading about those stupid birds. I'm certainly ready to get this over with. At least today is finished now, I had to present a poster with some of my modeling experiments that I've done, but now that it's over, the importance of the whole experience is questionable. Preparation of a scientific poster takes a long time, and it has to look absolutely perfect, and there are always tons of revisions to the figures and to the text - it takes at least a week of solid work - boring work - struggling with software - not struggling with data acquisition, which is what I should be struggling with. And the only people we presented them to today are people that either work with us and know it already, or people that work on something totally different and don't care. Plus, I didn't win anything, so bleh!

I gotta go, I just found out that Lex Luthor is working with that girl that is hypnotizing Clark and I'm floored!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busy busy busy

Things are totally converging on me this week at work, but I still got out this morning, as scheduled, for my 3 miler.

Here are my stats.
1 : 10:03
2 : 9:37
3 : 9:34
Total : 3.05 miles in 29:41
Avg Pace : 9:44

I've fallen a little behind on reading everyone's blogs and leaving clever comments like, "Hey, nice run!" or "Hey, nice word verification word!" My oral qualifier is looking like it's going to be this Friday, and there's also a poster that I had to make to present on Thursday.

After this week it should be much easier, and I'm even taking a short trip home next weekend for my Gramma's 85th birthday, so that will be a nice break.

5000 G, Peace.

Monday, March 27, 2006

3 rough miles

So, it was clear before, but it's even more clear now that I'm not ready for two-a-days. I'm achey in many new places.

I've been wondering if the proper extrapolation of running everyday is not running more everyday, but running more than once a day. Judging by how difficult it is, it must be good for me. Perhaps that's a good experiment for another year.

So, this will be my fourth week at 3 miles per day, and I think it will be the last before I bump it up to 4, so I'm going to start bringing my watch again so I have some data to compare to my training after 4 weeks of 4 miles per day and subsequently 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 miles per day in the coming months. I'll proceed to add one mile per day like that until I disintegrate. I'll post a poll on when people think I will disintegrate soon.

So here are my splits for my rough 3 miles.
1 : 10:04
2 : 9:53
3 : 9:42
Total : 3.07 miles in 30:19
Avg Pace : 9:52

Have a good day, please.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

2.9 miles - 2 runs in one day.

I'm a sucker for a group run, so I ran a lap around Memorial with some of the HRBers. This was the first time I ran twice in one day, and it certainly felt like it. But it feels good to know that I can run even though I'm tired. It's been a while since I've felt like I was in decent shape.

I enjoyed our meeting and our speaker, Tom McBrayer, he rocks so much he could be an HRBer himself. Apparently he certifies all the courses in the whole state, which exceed 10^8. My Bleu Cheese Burger was very good, but the fries were subpar - cold and limp, but I could tell that they were good when they were fresh, so that's something.

I'd write more about all the lovely bloggers that were present and running and chatting with Joe and James David and all the other lovely bloggers too, but it's getting late and I'm gettings sleeplys. I don't even care about the typos anymre. Gotta run tomorrow morning - day 36, and 4/9 people predicted my streak would end between 36 and 40, so I can't miss it!

Sleepy time.
Keith out.

6.6 miles for another group run.

I'm not sure why, but this run really wiped me out. It happened yesterday too, after my run and errands I found myself having difficulty to walk in a straight line. At about 3PM yesterday, I hit the couch and crashed for about an hour and then stared into space for another hour or so until I could move my arms and legs again. I feel like having another nap today, but I'm at work now, and I've got a bunch of stuff to do. And I'm starving. I'm going to order the largest hamburger in the history of really really large hamburgers after a lap around Memorial this afternoon.

This morning's run was very nice. I got to run with 5 fabulous babes from the club, and it was about 45 degrees, so it was perfect once we got moving. It has really turned into a beautiful day. Maybe I will take a nap. I am at work, but maybe I could go lay under a tree and have a nap for an hour or so.

Okay, I'll go give that a shot. See you later.
Keith out.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

4.4 miles with the CLFC

There was frost on my car windows this morning, I think for the first time this year. Boy, that was cold, at first. 10 minutes running and everything was fine though. I ran with the club for a nice four point four miler. The group was a lot smaller because a bunch of them have made the trip up to the bluebell run. I'm a little sorry I didn't go up for that one. It sounds like a nice course and a good race, and there were a lot of CLFCers and HRBers there, but I don't plan on doing any racing for several months. I know it's a little strange to say it, but I feel like racing interrupts my training.

I had trouble getting out of bed at 5:40 this morning. I had that familiar 'why bother' feeling that I've struggled with in the past, but as things got moving, and I got to running with the peeps I felt a lot better.

After my run, I finally got around to fixing my flat tire that I got right before the Surfside half marathon. I've been riding around on my little donut tire for about 7 weeks. I always put stuff like that off for as long as humanly possible. And pretty much the only reason I'm doing it now is because I got that ticket last month and I have to pass inspection before I can get the case dismissed.

I also had them fix a leak in the rear brake cylinder while I was there. I always hate bringing my car to the mechanic because it always winds up costing way more than I planned, and I'm never quite sure if it's all really necessary. Today, it wasn't so bad, since the guy showed me everything that was wrong and was up front about how much it would all cost, so I don't feel like I got skinned too badly. Not like last time, when I took my old car to Brake Check and it wound up costing me more than $900, and then something else broke the next day and it cost me a few hundred dollars more. I'm not sure if they were being dishonest, or if it was just a tough situation with my P.O.S. car.

Okay, HRB meeting tommorrow. See you there.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

3 milers are getting easy.

3 yesterday, 3 today, 3 tommorrow, 3 Saturday, 6 Sunday, 3 Monday, 3 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday ...

These three milers are getting to be almost completely effortless, which I like because it's very easy to get myself out the door to run them. I feel like I'm ready to bump it up to 4 miles per day, but I'm hesitant. Before I started this new regime, I had planned to bump up my mileage when I reached a certain weight, and I'm getting there, but it will probably take another week or two.

I'm worried about a return of my mysterious foot pains, which, if you remember, I had transiently diagnosed as a subluxated cuboid bone, but have come to the conclusion that it was probably just a stressed ligament. These problems seem to strike when I'm running a lot and carrying some extra fat, so I think it's a good idea to couple my weight loss goals with my mileage increases, but I don't have a good rationale for the equation to use.

I guess I'll stick with 3 miles for at least one more week and decide about another week at that point. And I'm going to run with some peeps from the club this weekend, and perhaps we'll figure out what marathon we want to start with in the fall to begin our run at the TMC, so maybe I'll have a better idea how aggresssive I need to be with my mileage increases.

Keith out.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

People who do things in moderation are jerks.

3 achey miles yesterday, and 3 less achey miles today.

About this time last year, I started a similar trend of running everyday, and I managed a streak of 30 days before taking a day off. I only mention it because today was my 30th day for the current streak. I remember that first day I took off, because I was thinking, "30 days on and one day off, that will be the system, tomorrow I'll start another 30 day streak."

In actuality, I followed that 30 day streak with 4 days off, then one more day of running, then 6 days off, then one more day of running then 10 days off. I guess it's really not consistency I have a problem with, because I can be consistently good, or consistently awful. I can't do anything in moderation, and I'm sick of people who can have one chip, or one scoop of ice cream. What a bunch of assholes.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.
Love, Keith.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon Relay

A lot of people really like training for and racing half marathons, but I think the quarter marathon is even better, at least I think that now that I'm not in half marathon shape. Our relay team, "The Hometown Heroes," consisted of Sue, Keith, Jim, and Tonia, all from the Clear Lake Fitness Club. My leg was 2nd, and it was already a little bit warm outside, I wouldn't have wanted to do more than one loop out there today. Luckily the clouds and tree cover kept the sun from killing me, and there was a pretty nice breeze which helped as well. The sun came out and beat down on me the last 3/4 mile or so, and by then I was more than ready to be finished. I was thinking that anything under 65 minutes would be a pretty good finish, considering how undisciplined I had been about my training in the first part of this year, but I thought I had improved considerably in the last four weeks, and that I had an outside shot at breaking 1 hour. I finished in about 61 minutes, and based on how hard it was, I think it's a pretty good determinant of the shape I'm in right now.

After my leg of the relay was finished, and after I recovered a little, I asked where I could be helpful, so they put me back out on the route, to make sure everyone went the right direction. They put me on the trail, at the first major turn, right as the runners began their fourth loop. My position was all but obsolete, because there was a sign with an arrow on it there too. And the crowd quickly got pretty thin, but that meant that I could walk back towards the start and run with some of the runners for a quarter mile or so.

So, I got to run briefly with 50 stater Steve Boone, who I met at the Surfside race too, and Brenda from my club, and our very own Holden Choi, so it was a pretty cool place to be. Steve had already passed on his fourth loop.

And I walked and chatted briefly with a man and a woman for a bit, and enjoyed their back and forth banter. I naively asked if they were up for one more lap and he said "why not, maybe two more, maybe we'll run until it's dark." It turned out this was his 97th marathon, not counting ultras and even 100milers, and I later found out that this was none other than Dr. Muscles himself (Chris Rampacek).

So I think it's a pretty good race, and of course I'm completely unbiased. The heat can be a factor for a race this late in the year, and the humorous part of that is that on Tuesday it's supposed to cool down by 15-20 degrees. I was concerned that the trails would be very crowded, but it wasn't bad at all, so the staggered start for marathon and half-marathon is definitely a good idea. They had signs up every couple hundred feet or so, with running trivia, with the answers a few signs later, and some facts about the runners, including a sign that told Jan's story about weight loss and training for Houston, and a sign about Dr. Muscles and others.

The only suggestion I have for the race director, is basically the same suggestion I have for all race directors, and that is that I think the overall winners should get hit with a pie in the face as soon as they finish. Speaking of that, some dude named Bryan Smith from Louisiana ran a 2:47:22 to win it.

Rock on.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

3 miles after oversleeping

It's funny that getting up at 7:45 counts as oversleeping now. I only mention it because my alarm didn't go off this morning. The power went out and screwed everything up. I'm lucky this didn't happen tomorrow. It's one thing to oversleep and miss my race, but I'm doing the relay, and I would have a lot of apologizing to do after missing that one.

I use an alarm clock program I wrote for my computer, so I think I'll rewrite it today, so that it can come back on with the same settings after the power comes back on. I've been meaning to do that.

The weather for tomorrows race is probably somewhat imperfect. says it will be 68F at the start, and 74F by 11AM, with 8 - 15 mph winds.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sad day yesterday, hamster-wise.

It was a sad day yesterday. My poor little hamster finally passed away. It was becoming increasingly clear over the last week that he wasn't going to last much longer, and he was approaching the upper limit of a hamster's life expectancy, so I was preparing for it a little.

His name was '40 oz. Gangsta,' and you'd better not look 'em in the eye cuz he'll cut yo ass, foo.

Actually he was the most gentle creature on earth, and he never tried to bite anyone, and never even tried to avoid people like most hamsters do. He was formerly an experimental animal (shhhh) that I 'procured' from the place I used to work, so I guess you could say he was lucky to have me too.

So, if you don't mind, pour one out for my homey.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

3 miles and a Poll Question

3 miles on the same loop I've run for a couple of weeks. I felt stronger than I have in a while, so I hope the relay goes well this weekend.

As of today (16 March) my streak of consecutive days of running is up to 25 days. When will my streak end?
Winners get a copy of my Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.
26 - 30 days
31 - 35 days
36 - 40 days
41 - 50 days
50 - 60 days
61 - 75 days
76 - 100 days
101 - 150 days
151 - 200 days
more than 200 days?
Free polls from


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Neglible Cellular Senescence

Neglible Cellular Senescence is the term for helping cells to rid themselves of toxins and possibly replenish your body with new youthful cells in an effort to dramatically extend your lifespan. Here's an article asking 'We will be able to live to 1,000.' But it brings up a good point about science in general. If any of you ever come up with a radical idea about science, the first thing you should do is to shave your two foot beard. Nobody believes guys with two foot beards.

Rock on.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3 miles against my will

I didn't really feel like running this morning. It was cold, and although that makes it much more enjoyable once I get going, it's still harder to get out the door. And it aggravates my asthma too. But I survived, and felt okay after a couple miles.

The weather outlook for the race this weekend seems like a mixed bag. It seems like it will be in the 60's for most of the race, but it might rain (30%), and it might get a little windy (11-12mph from the North). Probably 2/3 of the trails should be pretty well shielded from the wind, but there is a fairly long (one mile) straightaway that could get breezy.

Keith out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

3 miles - the trails are ready.

I ran a bit down on the Seabrook trails, site of next weekend's Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon / Half-Marathon / Relay, and the preparations are visible. They've resurfaced a lot of the trails and it's new crushed stone, packed very well. It's very flat and stable. The mile markers are down already, every mile, painted on the grass right next to the trail. Everyone at the club was very excited about it yesterday, especially Robby Sabban, the race director, who apparently hasn't been sleeping very much. It should be a very good race.

The weather forecast from is not quite good enough to foretell the temperature for Sunday morning, but it predicts 56 and 55 for Friday and Saturday mornings, so if that is the trend, it seems about as good as can be expected. There might be some chance of showers, which might stabilize the temperature, so it doesn't get too hot.

I don't know if the bloggers ever got together for a relay team or not. There are some relay spots still open, and I think Robby said there were about 18 spots left for the marathon/half marathon too (but that was yesterday). And it's probably important to note that online registration closes TODAY! (Sunday 12 March!)

Anywho, Run strong, and oh yeah, run long too.
Keith out.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

6 miles - it's warm out there

6 miles. My longest run since the Surfside half marathon. The club has reloaded with a bunch of new people. There were many more people there than I expected with the BCC today and everything.

It seems like the mental barriers have been rebuilt a little. After a little while, I planned to quit at 4 miles and walk it in, and then extended it to 5 miles, but eventually I just decided to stop complaining and finish up. My legs had enough energy, it was just uncomfortable. It was pretty warm and humid out there, maybe that was part of it.

Hamster update: I think he's improving, he seems to be moving around a little easier. He's eaten some more apple, and he really enjoyed some tangelo I put in there.

Okay, I've gotta go read some papers about gene manipulation in chickens. I can send you some pdfs if you want them.

Friday, March 10, 2006

What an unfunny day.

After work, I'm driving in my car, obeying all traffic laws, because I'm a very safe driver. And I'm in the left turn lane, and there's a line of cars behind me, and some dude doesn't realize that I'm in the left turn lane and pulls up next to this line of cars, on the total wrong side of the road. He eventually realizes how he's messed up and he stops and sits there on the wrong side of the road for the duration of the extraordinarily long light. But I'm thinking that it's a little funny because he's stuck way out there, and there's a cop car right across the street. Well, the light eventually changes and I go and the guy makes his way back onto the proper side of the road, and the cop takes off in our direction. But, apparently, a dude like me, who has an expired sticker, is a much greater threat to public safety than the guy that likes to drive on the wrong side of the road. And the cop didn't even slow down to run that other guys plate. He went straight for me.

Anywho, when I got home I found a couple of movies from Netflix in my mailbox, so that helped my mood a little.

Work is all writing all day. Qualifier coming up. Keith gonna crack.

Anyway, I hope everyone who's running the BCC has a great day tomorrow. I liked the BCC the year I ran it, it was my first goal race, I was training for it for six months. If it weren't for my racing moratorium, I'd be running it too. I'm heading down to Clear Lake Park to run 6 with some peeps from the club.

Have a good weekend,
Love, Keith.

Tired 3 miles - here's an unfunny post

I ran 3 miles this morning, as usual, and I felt kind of tired the whole way.

But it was more mental fatigue than physical fatigue. I've been kind of upset since last night. I was looking at my poor little hamster, and it seemed like his eyes were sealed shut, so I picked him up and did my best to wipe away the eyegunk, and I noticed that he is not doing well in other ways too. He stumbles around and he seems very weak and uncoordinated. It also appears that he hasn't been eating much and has lost some weight.

This morning he seems a little more energetic, so hopefully he's improving. I got him to eat some fresh apple, and I gave him a capful of my protein shake, but I don't know if he'll drink that or not. I'll see how he's doing tomorrow and decide if he needs to see the vet.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

3 miles, chance of showers

3 yesterday, and 3 more today. It started raining a little as I finished up, which is kind of nice, once in a while.

I've been a little achey yesterday and today, but better today, yet still a little achey, but better. Achey, but less achey, and yet still just a bit achey. Maybe a little more than a bit, maybe a chunk achey. But, yesterday, I was a load of achey, and today, only a chunk, so I'm achey, but better.

Gotta go to work now.
Keith out.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

3 miles - and a vague description of the training plan

3 miles, around my neighborhood. I'm starting to feel like a runner again. I've been getting that achey, too-much-energy, feeling in my legs when I'm at work. It's strange that I can be tired from my morning run, and at the same time, itching to run some more.

I intend to run 3 miles per day with 6 miles on Saturday for at least three weeks, and then bump it up to 4 miles per day with 8 on Saturdays, and we'll see what happens then. By that time, it might be time to start the marathon buildup. I'm pretty psyched to get back into marathon training, but I always start the difficult training too early and burn out (like two years ago - training for my first half), or get hurt (like last year - training for NYCM), so I'm resisting that urge for now.

So, the plan here is, to start with short daily mileage to find my rhythm, and re-establish the habit, and that has begun, so I'm happy about that. Then build mileage, and run aimlessly, with no racing for a good long while (except Seabrook). And start a beginner marathon program, and try to get to the start line of an early Fall marathon healthy and happy.

Rock on.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

3 miles yesterday, 3 miles this morning

So far, so good. I know it's only 3 miles, but the times I've done this sort of training before, it did get difficult after 5-6 days at a new level, but then got easier. I even got up at 7AM on Sunday so I could stick to my schedule. I think it's better than sleeping in until noon on Sunday, and then having my rhythm totally screwed up for a half-week.

I'm curious to know how fast I'm going, because I haven't taken my watch with me for several weeks. But I think I'll run without it for a while longer. I might even run my leg of the Seabrook Relay without it. I tried racing with no watch before, and I hated it, but I think the main problem was because I didn't know the distances on that race either. That was the Jingle Bell Run, and the mile markers weren't even there half the time (at least I didn't see them). I've run the Seabrook trails a hundred times, and I know the distances between everything already, so I don't think it will be a big problem.

I like the consistency of running everyday, at the same time everyday. Maybe not everybody would like it, but I do. I posted this link before, but here it is again. --Rethinking the hard-easy myth-- It's an article about running consistent distances everyday, and how it might be beneficial for some types of training. It's probably not suitable for marathon training, at least not in its most simple extrapolation, but I have a couple of months before I start gearing up for another marathon.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Spring Program sign-up at CLFC

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, for just a four mile run. I wanted to get to the park and get finished before it was time to help set-up for the spring program sign up. As it turned out, there were like 15 people there to help set-up, and not much to do, so I could have slept in a bit longer.

It was probably about half returning people and half new people there, and I think it's going to be a little chaotic, because everybody is there to do something different. In the fall, everybody is training for the Houston marathon, or half marathon, but now everybody is planning for something different, and some people are just starting out. So, it should be fun.

And, as far as my efforts to give up my sense of humor for Lent, I did pretty good not trying to say anything funny, which was a big improvement from yesterday, where for about an hour I had a huge lapse in focus. But it was an extreme situation, where one of the bulbs on the microscope blew out, so we changed it and the light never came back on. And it was difficult to figure out, and for a while there were four highly educated people scratching their heads about why the light bulb don't work! But that's no excuse, I should have resisted the urge to point out how stupidly funny the whole situation was.

Two weeks left until the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon/ Half-Marathon/ Relay. I'm doing the relay with my friends Tonia, Sue, and Jim, from the club. Our team name is The Hometown Heroes. Also, the race director told me about some of the goodies that will be in the goodie bag for the race, and apparently everybody gets a pair of NB running socks, and a bag - some kind of bag with a drawstring and armthings to wear it on your back.


Friday, March 03, 2006

2 miles, felt good.

2 miles again, and I didn't bring my watch, but it seems like I'm pretty much back to a decent pace (for me at least). I'll run four tomorrow, and two on Sunday, and I'll start with three miles a day on Monday.

Well, my first day without wisecracks was interesting (Just so you're up to speed, I'm giving up wisecracks for Lent - please ignore the fact that giving up wisecracks for Lent is itself a bit funny). I'll wait a bit longer before I call it a huge revelation, but there were some interesting results. I only had a few slipups, and they weren't even very funny, so I'll need to focus a little better.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

2 more miles, and Keith get's a makeover.

I ran two miles again this morning. It was difficult at first, but then got easy.

I've decided to give something up for Lent. I'm not sure why, I never have before, and I don't even really know what Lent is.

Actually, I've been intrigued by a book I heard about called Give It Up! : My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less. I didn't read it or anything, but apparently some woman gave up something for a month, a different thing each month, and in the process she learned things or appreciated things or something. And I think maybe I should do that because, I really don't appreciate any of this crap. :)

Okay, here's a quote from the Amazon page.
Like most people, Mary Carlomagno was stressed out, overscheduled, and tripping over the clutter of her days -- until she decided to take control and simplify her life. Each month she renounced one thing: alcohol, shopping, elevators, newspapers, cell phones, dining out, television, taxis, coffee, cursing, chocolate, and multitasking. During the course of the year, Mary took stock of her life, discovered what was really important, and gained a deeper appreciation for the world around her.

From the stuff she gave up, the only one I'd really have trouble with would be for television.
But, I guess this would be my list.

Fast food and ice cream. (except I gave that up 10 days ago)
Movies and restaurants.
Diet soda.
Making jokes.

Hmm. Before I started writing the list, I thought I'd probably end up giving up television this month, but I'm curious now, what would happen if I stopped making jokes about everything. That's very interesting. I'm not sure I'm capable of it. I even made a joke a second ago about not appreciating any of this crap. I appreciate many things. Maybe, I could use a personality makeover, I'm not entirely happy with the current state of affairs.

Okay, that's what I'll do. I won't make any jokes about things for the whole month of March. I'll say what I really feel.

Rock on.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lego Spiderman 2

Okay, I didn't know everybody loved Legos as much as I did.

You have to check out this movie. It's the Lego version of Spiderman 2.

Okay, that link might not work. Try this one.

-- And check out these Lego-glasses I found.

Jen - did you know that blog comments are actually considered a legally binding contract?

Rock on.

10 day streak ...

... and I'm feeling pretty good. It's been clear for many years, that I can't do things halfway. Moderation is not easy for me. I either train and diet like a swiss watch, or it's total chaos.

But things are going smoothly, I've been finding it easier and easier to get up in the morning, and I actually woke up 15 minutes before the alarm clock went off this morning. And these two mile runs are short and easy and just enough to get the day started right. At some point, probably next week, I'll bump it up to 3 miles each morning. Two doesn't feel like enough some mornings (and it's the two hard miles, no easy miles).

But I wonder, sometimes, if a healthy and fit Keith is good for this blog. Maybe there are enough stories in this group about people striving towards goals and overcoming obstacles to succeed in the end. Don't we need a golden bright and shining example of a lazy quitter?

Rock on.