Friday, March 03, 2006

2 miles, felt good.

2 miles again, and I didn't bring my watch, but it seems like I'm pretty much back to a decent pace (for me at least). I'll run four tomorrow, and two on Sunday, and I'll start with three miles a day on Monday.

Well, my first day without wisecracks was interesting (Just so you're up to speed, I'm giving up wisecracks for Lent - please ignore the fact that giving up wisecracks for Lent is itself a bit funny). I'll wait a bit longer before I call it a huge revelation, but there were some interesting results. I only had a few slipups, and they weren't even very funny, so I'll need to focus a little better.


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Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

Keith-to backtrack on to recent posts: i still think you need to do the 'joggin and bloggin' shirt, i'll buy three right now! Also, vitains i take *and yeah i can be considered a psuedo-hippie*: multi, Vit C, Vit B6, Flax seed, zinc and calcium. i'm lactose intolerant so i load up on the calcium...i also get sick a lot so i can never have enough cold-fightin' stuff.