Thursday, March 30, 2006


Here are my stats so that you may update your graphs.

1 : 10:19
2 : 9:46
3 : 9:20
Total : 3.06 miles in 29:56
Avg Pace : 9:47

1 : 10:04
2 : 9:23
3 : 9:03
Total : 3.11 miles in 29:29
Avg Pace : 9:29

The past few days or so, it's become more obvious that I can feel my left foot hurting me, right there by the cuboid, right where it hurt me last year and trashed my NYCM time. So that's upsetting me a bit right now. I got a different pair of shoes today, a stability shoe from New Balance, similar to the first pair of running shoes I had. Those shoes seemed to work out for me pretty well, and since I can't find that exact model, I'll try something similar.

And the date for the oral qualifier is set, but it won't be tomorrow like I was hoping, but next Friday. So I have another week to get more and more sick of reading about those stupid birds. I'm certainly ready to get this over with. At least today is finished now, I had to present a poster with some of my modeling experiments that I've done, but now that it's over, the importance of the whole experience is questionable. Preparation of a scientific poster takes a long time, and it has to look absolutely perfect, and there are always tons of revisions to the figures and to the text - it takes at least a week of solid work - boring work - struggling with software - not struggling with data acquisition, which is what I should be struggling with. And the only people we presented them to today are people that either work with us and know it already, or people that work on something totally different and don't care. Plus, I didn't win anything, so bleh!

I gotta go, I just found out that Lex Luthor is working with that girl that is hypnotizing Clark and I'm floored!



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by the way, nice run.

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