Tuesday, March 07, 2006

3 miles - and a vague description of the training plan

3 miles, around my neighborhood. I'm starting to feel like a runner again. I've been getting that achey, too-much-energy, feeling in my legs when I'm at work. It's strange that I can be tired from my morning run, and at the same time, itching to run some more.

I intend to run 3 miles per day with 6 miles on Saturday for at least three weeks, and then bump it up to 4 miles per day with 8 on Saturdays, and we'll see what happens then. By that time, it might be time to start the marathon buildup. I'm pretty psyched to get back into marathon training, but I always start the difficult training too early and burn out (like two years ago - training for my first half), or get hurt (like last year - training for NYCM), so I'm resisting that urge for now.

So, the plan here is, to start with short daily mileage to find my rhythm, and re-establish the habit, and that has begun, so I'm happy about that. Then build mileage, and run aimlessly, with no racing for a good long while (except Seabrook). And start a beginner marathon program, and try to get to the start line of an early Fall marathon healthy and happy.

Rock on.

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