Saturday, March 11, 2006

6 miles - it's warm out there

6 miles. My longest run since the Surfside half marathon. The club has reloaded with a bunch of new people. There were many more people there than I expected with the BCC today and everything.

It seems like the mental barriers have been rebuilt a little. After a little while, I planned to quit at 4 miles and walk it in, and then extended it to 5 miles, but eventually I just decided to stop complaining and finish up. My legs had enough energy, it was just uncomfortable. It was pretty warm and humid out there, maybe that was part of it.

Hamster update: I think he's improving, he seems to be moving around a little easier. He's eaten some more apple, and he really enjoyed some tangelo I put in there.

Okay, I've gotta go read some papers about gene manipulation in chickens. I can send you some pdfs if you want them.


atownrunner said...

Did God tell you to stop complaining?

Keith said...

He did, He told me to stop complaining and then He said I should win the Boston marathon and then my Mom would come out of a coma, and I was like, "what are you talkin about, my mom's fine" and He was all, "aren't you ralph," and I was like "no" and He was all, "okay, sorry about that, oh, that's right you're keith, that's right, I'm supposed to tell you that you're not doing too well with your lent sacrafice, and you should refocus." And I said, you're right, and I yelled "Damn it!" and He said, "okay, I Damn It!"


jen said...

Glad to hear the hamster's feeling better. I had a hedgehog named Winston. Not as soft and furry like a hamster, but just as cute.

I might be interested in the chicken gene manipulation articles, but only if they come with instructions.