Sunday, March 12, 2006

3 miles - the trails are ready.

I ran a bit down on the Seabrook trails, site of next weekend's Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon / Half-Marathon / Relay, and the preparations are visible. They've resurfaced a lot of the trails and it's new crushed stone, packed very well. It's very flat and stable. The mile markers are down already, every mile, painted on the grass right next to the trail. Everyone at the club was very excited about it yesterday, especially Robby Sabban, the race director, who apparently hasn't been sleeping very much. It should be a very good race.

The weather forecast from is not quite good enough to foretell the temperature for Sunday morning, but it predicts 56 and 55 for Friday and Saturday mornings, so if that is the trend, it seems about as good as can be expected. There might be some chance of showers, which might stabilize the temperature, so it doesn't get too hot.

I don't know if the bloggers ever got together for a relay team or not. There are some relay spots still open, and I think Robby said there were about 18 spots left for the marathon/half marathon too (but that was yesterday). And it's probably important to note that online registration closes TODAY! (Sunday 12 March!)

Anywho, Run strong, and oh yeah, run long too.
Keith out.


JoeC said...

I should have hit that trail today, sounds awesome. I'll miss the event unfortunately, maybe next year. said...

I'm going to be in Oregon and Washington this weekend running.

I "may" try to see if I can find the makeshift memorial to Pre on Saturday.

By the way, I'm behind on getting results posted on pages. I have your data ... just getting stuck on the motivation parts! Sort of like my running!


Steve Bezner said...

Thanks for the update! I look forward to it next weekend!

Sarah said...

I don't have a relay team. Still working on it though. If I don't have one, I'll still be out there taking photos. :)

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

I will be partying in New Orleans over the weekend!

jen said...

Good luck to everyone at the race!!! :)