Saturday, March 25, 2006

4.4 miles with the CLFC

There was frost on my car windows this morning, I think for the first time this year. Boy, that was cold, at first. 10 minutes running and everything was fine though. I ran with the club for a nice four point four miler. The group was a lot smaller because a bunch of them have made the trip up to the bluebell run. I'm a little sorry I didn't go up for that one. It sounds like a nice course and a good race, and there were a lot of CLFCers and HRBers there, but I don't plan on doing any racing for several months. I know it's a little strange to say it, but I feel like racing interrupts my training.

I had trouble getting out of bed at 5:40 this morning. I had that familiar 'why bother' feeling that I've struggled with in the past, but as things got moving, and I got to running with the peeps I felt a lot better.

After my run, I finally got around to fixing my flat tire that I got right before the Surfside half marathon. I've been riding around on my little donut tire for about 7 weeks. I always put stuff like that off for as long as humanly possible. And pretty much the only reason I'm doing it now is because I got that ticket last month and I have to pass inspection before I can get the case dismissed.

I also had them fix a leak in the rear brake cylinder while I was there. I always hate bringing my car to the mechanic because it always winds up costing way more than I planned, and I'm never quite sure if it's all really necessary. Today, it wasn't so bad, since the guy showed me everything that was wrong and was up front about how much it would all cost, so I don't feel like I got skinned too badly. Not like last time, when I took my old car to Brake Check and it wound up costing me more than $900, and then something else broke the next day and it cost me a few hundred dollars more. I'm not sure if they were being dishonest, or if it was just a tough situation with my P.O.S. car.

Okay, HRB meeting tommorrow. See you there.

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