Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lego Spiderman 2

Okay, I didn't know everybody loved Legos as much as I did.

You have to check out this movie. It's the Lego version of Spiderman 2.

Okay, that link might not work. Try this one.

-- And check out these Lego-glasses I found.

Jen - did you know that blog comments are actually considered a legally binding contract?

Rock on.


jen said...

hmmm....those sunglasses look half complete to me. Where are the cool shades? I ain't wearing no Lego sunglasses that don't have shades. That would be silly.

Keith said...

I guess you found a loophole. I'm starting to find a rhythm with my writing now, though, so I might not have to sucker anyone into writing for me.

Have you written papers before? Do you have any advice?


jen said...

Journal editors can be fickle, mysterious creatures. And no matter how critical they may be, don't let peer review comments make you feel less confident about your research or your writing. Then again, we may have just run into some grumpy epidemiologists and psychologists.

And when you get published, you can geek out like me and pull up your name in Medline and OVID searches. hee.

Keith said...

I know what you mean, I feel the same way about grant reviewers too. Last time we submitted a proposal, one reviewer said there wasn't enough preliminary data, and another guy said he thought there was too much data, and he was suspected that the project was already finished.

And I do have one publication, although, I didn't write it. Actually, I'm one of the many middle authors, and I didn't even know it got accepted and published until I was searching for my name earlier this year. :) my proof.

jen said...