Thursday, March 23, 2006

3 milers are getting easy.

3 yesterday, 3 today, 3 tommorrow, 3 Saturday, 6 Sunday, 3 Monday, 3 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday ...

These three milers are getting to be almost completely effortless, which I like because it's very easy to get myself out the door to run them. I feel like I'm ready to bump it up to 4 miles per day, but I'm hesitant. Before I started this new regime, I had planned to bump up my mileage when I reached a certain weight, and I'm getting there, but it will probably take another week or two.

I'm worried about a return of my mysterious foot pains, which, if you remember, I had transiently diagnosed as a subluxated cuboid bone, but have come to the conclusion that it was probably just a stressed ligament. These problems seem to strike when I'm running a lot and carrying some extra fat, so I think it's a good idea to couple my weight loss goals with my mileage increases, but I don't have a good rationale for the equation to use.

I guess I'll stick with 3 miles for at least one more week and decide about another week at that point. And I'm going to run with some peeps from the club this weekend, and perhaps we'll figure out what marathon we want to start with in the fall to begin our run at the TMC, so maybe I'll have a better idea how aggresssive I need to be with my mileage increases.

Keith out.

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