Friday, March 10, 2006

What an unfunny day.

After work, I'm driving in my car, obeying all traffic laws, because I'm a very safe driver. And I'm in the left turn lane, and there's a line of cars behind me, and some dude doesn't realize that I'm in the left turn lane and pulls up next to this line of cars, on the total wrong side of the road. He eventually realizes how he's messed up and he stops and sits there on the wrong side of the road for the duration of the extraordinarily long light. But I'm thinking that it's a little funny because he's stuck way out there, and there's a cop car right across the street. Well, the light eventually changes and I go and the guy makes his way back onto the proper side of the road, and the cop takes off in our direction. But, apparently, a dude like me, who has an expired sticker, is a much greater threat to public safety than the guy that likes to drive on the wrong side of the road. And the cop didn't even slow down to run that other guys plate. He went straight for me.

Anywho, when I got home I found a couple of movies from Netflix in my mailbox, so that helped my mood a little.

Work is all writing all day. Qualifier coming up. Keith gonna crack.

Anyway, I hope everyone who's running the BCC has a great day tomorrow. I liked the BCC the year I ran it, it was my first goal race, I was training for it for six months. If it weren't for my racing moratorium, I'd be running it too. I'm heading down to Clear Lake Park to run 6 with some peeps from the club.

Have a good weekend,
Love, Keith.

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