Friday, March 10, 2006

Tired 3 miles - here's an unfunny post

I ran 3 miles this morning, as usual, and I felt kind of tired the whole way.

But it was more mental fatigue than physical fatigue. I've been kind of upset since last night. I was looking at my poor little hamster, and it seemed like his eyes were sealed shut, so I picked him up and did my best to wipe away the eyegunk, and I noticed that he is not doing well in other ways too. He stumbles around and he seems very weak and uncoordinated. It also appears that he hasn't been eating much and has lost some weight.

This morning he seems a little more energetic, so hopefully he's improving. I got him to eat some fresh apple, and I gave him a capful of my protein shake, but I don't know if he'll drink that or not. I'll see how he's doing tomorrow and decide if he needs to see the vet.


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