Thursday, March 09, 2006

3 miles, chance of showers

3 yesterday, and 3 more today. It started raining a little as I finished up, which is kind of nice, once in a while.

I've been a little achey yesterday and today, but better today, yet still a little achey, but better. Achey, but less achey, and yet still just a bit achey. Maybe a little more than a bit, maybe a chunk achey. But, yesterday, I was a load of achey, and today, only a chunk, so I'm achey, but better.

Gotta go to work now.
Keith out.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

But are you achy??

jen said...

Ok, what happened to the giving-up-funny-comments-for-lent thing? 'Cuz that last part was funny.

Keith said...

Jen, you're right. I'm sorry my lapse in discipline was so public.

I'm having trouble with my sacrifice.
I will refocus.

I still think something good will come of it.

jen said...

lol ;)

Keith said...

stop laughing.
i'm trying.