Sunday, May 07, 2006

Time for a bump

Hi America, it's good to see you again. How's the family? Have you seen our mutual friend lately? Isn't he/she a character!

I ran eight miles this morning down on the Seabrook Trails, and didn't feel all that well, but I finished. I think it's the longest I've run without company for a long long time. I've become dependent on my club for the long runs, so it was tough going this morning.

Here are the stats:
1 : 10:47
2 : 10:01
3 : 9:30
4 : 9:18
5 : 10:08
6 : 9:55
7 : 9:24
8 : 9:43
Total : 8.01 miles in 1:18:56
Avg Pace : 9:51

So, except for today, I feel fit enough, and my foot feels good enough, so I'm bumping it up to 5 miles per day, with 10 miles on Saturdays.

Here's a review of my recent progress.

27 March - 1 April (during the 4th week of 3+ miles per day)
3 mile daily runs - average pace = 9:41
6 mile run - average pace = 9:16

1 May - 7 May (during the 5th week of 4+ miles per day)
4 mile daily runs - average pace = 9:20
8 mile run - average pace = 9:51

I guess things are a little confused by the 6 mile run last month, which was faster than it should have been. I should probably take my heart rate monitor and control for effort. Yeah, I probably should, but I probably won't. Other than that, it seems like there's a 20 second per mile improvement in my pace on the daily runs. Nobody could complain about that. We'll see if that trend continues after 4-5 weeks of 5 milers.

Rock on America.

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Barbara said...

I like to spend my time in airports reading worthy literature. So of course that meant People magazine in there. They had some crazy article about "exercise bulimia" and tried to imply that people who run x miles every day without taking a break are somehow obsessed.
I really got the magazine to read about the cat fight between Denise Richards dating Heather Locklear's soon-to-be-ex.