Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Four" miles in the torrent - and I found some money on the ground

I meant to run my eight miler this morning, but didn't quite make it.

The plan was to run 2 miles early, and then meet up with the group for their six miler, so I got there around 6:30, and headed out. It wasn't raining too bad at that point, and I was hopefull that we'd luck out like we did last week, and avoid all the rain. I ran one mile out and back, and I was inexplicably sluggish. At one point in this segment, I found a wet and dirty twenty dollar bill on the ground, and later another one dollar bill. When I got back to the park I asked if anyone had run that way and had lost some money, and nobody had. I would have felt bad if it had been lost by one of the club members, but if it's not them, it's probably from some drug dealers or something, so it's probably best that I keep it, rather than have it go towards the purchase of bullets or crank or something that could hurt someone.

Anyways, I got back to the park just as they were cancelling the run, which was absolutely the right call because it was threatening to get worse pretty quickly. So the people with common sense left, but I had already run 2 miles, and I thought about getting in another quick two miles, which I could count as tomorrow's 4 miler and I could run eight tomorrow. I could avoid missing any running - surely the torrent would hold off for 18-20 minutes. But it didn't, and the last mile or so was run in high winds and rain, and an occasional piece of hail bouncing around me and sometimes off the top of my melon.

Here are the stats.
1 : 10:11
2 : 9:52
3 : 9:33
3.86 : 7:32
Total : 3.86 miles in 37:12
Avg Pace : 9:39

Rock on.


atownrunner said...

congrats on the $21. Is that a PR?
Oh, and protect the melon.
verification word is bwbus

Keith said...

It is a PR!
I can safely say, I've never found anything good on the ground when I'm running.


Sarah said...

That crap you were running in? I was trying to DRIVE in it. My car was threatening to slide all over I-45. I thought I was going to die.

jamoosh said...

21.00 Sounds like you and four friends and Taco Bell...

Jill said...

You lucky bugger!!


Dave Smart said...

I've kept my eyes open this past week, but all I've found on the side of the road while running is a flattened box turtle and a squashed squirrel. Last week I found a killer pen in a parking lot. No money yet- you hit the jackpot.