Wednesday, May 10, 2006

5 Tuesday, 5 Wednesday, and another question for runners

So far, so good, for five miles per day.

I think the cold front has already started moving through, because it wasn't unbearably hot this morning, and it was shady and there was a nice breeze when I was going south or west. says it was 79, but it felt okay. Tomorrow it should be pretty nice.

Now that I'm up to 5 miles per day, I've added another 150-200 calories per day, which makes for a nice snack in the late afternoon. It's usually about that time when I start to get too hungry and can't wait to leave work.

That raises another question. I'm just full of questions lately. Trainers and coaches like to talk about spreading your meals out throughout the day, where you have like 22 teeny-tiny meals at 36 minute intervals or something like that. Does anybody really do that? How many meals for you? How big are they?



Barbara said...

You know I'm always good for a comment on your blog Keith so I'll take this one up. Although I can't use this week as a typical week since bad things are happening which leave me eating chicken noodle soup and applesauce for all meals.

But normally....
4:30am - exercise

7:30 - Eat either 2 eggs or 1 packet of oatmeal (oatmeal is Thurs/Fri/Sat; eggs the other days). Sometimes I throw a banana in here too.

9:30 - I'm hungry and it tends to be about 3 oz. of turkey most days.

11 - And for good measure, sometimes I have some more if I'm hungry. Or maybe an apple depending on my taste buds.

11:30 - if I work out at lunch, this is the time.

1pm - very nearly always a cup of yogurt.

Then the rest of the day gets screwy.
3pm - If I eat junk, it'll happen around this time of day (a not uncommon occurrence). That's my de-stress time of the day.

5pm - give or take is dinner - salmon/veggies or something to that effect. Sometimes chicken or turkey.

So 5 or 6 times, with the 6th of course being something good like M&M's. Or Snicker's. Truffles always appeal to me.

That's what I do Monday through Friday at least. The weekends get moved around based on what we're doing.

But my rule is never, ever after 7pm. If I'm hungry after then, I drink lots of water.

Sarah said...

I eat horribly. When my schedule is busy like it has been for the past few months, I eat even worse. Today for lunch I had Wendy's. Tonight I will probably have take-out. Tomorrow I will probably have Starbucks. Sigh.

david said...

I've tried the many meals in one day and I just get too busy to keep up. Next thing you know you have a 64oz porterhouse in front of you because you are so dang hungry. Mmmmmm, beef.

Dave Smart said...

Very lite Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner; Ramon noodles 2-3 nites/week

2-3 cups of coffee a day
2pc of peanut butter & butter toast (AM after run)
3-4 bottles of water/day (usually refilled)
not enough veggies
usually forget to take vitamins
should probably eat more power bars throughout the day

Keith said...

I forgot to contribute to my own discussion.
I have a sizeable protein shake (600 Cal) in the morning, and a granola bar and a piece of fruit for lunch (250 Cal), then a small snack around 4 (150 Cal), and a huge dinner around 7 (1000 Cal).

Oh, and by the way, Barbara is my role model.


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

hmm…my ways are similar to Barbara’s:

8am: granola bar and cup of juice
10am: banana
12:30: lean gourmet TV dinner, small salad with no dressing, and half a wheat bagel
2pm: junk snack (2 pieces of small chocolate or something else sweet)
5pm: small package of crackers or Clif bar
8pm: soup or pasta or cooked veggies and a glass of gatorade. Never very big portions of anything. It has to be salty foods though, to replenish sodium I lose during my workouts.
I don’t ever try to eat past 9pm…anytime I do, it affects how deep I sleep or I have a harder time falling to sleep.
I don’t each much if any dairy (I’m lactose intolerant), and I usually forget to take my vitamins too…I try to only eat out once a week (this week isn’t off to a good start) and I am a big believer in never feeling ‘hungry’. Sometimes, I will eat a bunch of carrots or a cup of pretzels to avoid hunger pains. Anytime I feel hungry, I *WILL* overeat. I drink A LOT of water too…maybe too much? 32oz minuimum a day. If I drink less then 24oz a day, I will get dehyrdated.

That is all. Sorry this is long.