Saturday, May 20, 2006

I predicted that I would lose the prediction run real badly.

And I really really wanted to win it. I thought I had a shot, because there were only 40 people or so, and 4 of them get awards, and I run a lot, so I think I should be able to predict my time pretty well.

But a group of us started out with 3 miles before the 6.9 mile prediction run, so we could get in 10 total, and I felt a little slow. The splits people were calling out were around 9:30 - 9:40, and it seemed too hard. So that seemed to throw everything off right from the beginning.

I predicted I'd finish in 1:06:45, which is about 9:40 per mile, and I started out with a group of people, but I could tell they were going faster than 9:40, so I dropped off their pace. But I still felt like I was going too fast. By the time we turned around when we reached the bay, I basically quit trying to run on pace, and just tried to keep up with the pace I was going. As a basic rule of life, I think, if you're going to lose something, lose gloriously. Try to excel at your losing.

And running fast takes the sting out of losing the prediction race. I finished in 1:02:09, which is about 9:00 per mile, which I'm happy with for the last 7 of a 10 miler. 10 miles in 90 minutes is an arbitrary goal I've had for a long time, and I didn't do it today, but maybe I'll do it here soon. I should list some of my other arbitrary goals.

After the race, we had all kinds of goodies: cookies, kolaches, watermelon, oranges, and some other cookies. They also had the Kids Race today. It was supposed to be a 1K, but actually it was more like .7 miles, so I guess you could say it was an Ultra-Kids Race. My friend from work brought his 4 year old out to run it, it was his first race. He got a medal and everyone cheered for him, so I think he enjoyed it.

They also handed out flyers for the Marathon / Half-Marathon program, which begins June 24th. Sign-up will be June 17th and 24th.


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