Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Running

Thanks for all the nice words about my race, everyone. I was surprised to get so many comments on the blog. I've been blogging all kinds of silly things, like the time I wrote a letter to my foot, and the time I tried to start a controversy and I called a certain someone an A-hole, when all that you really want to see is posts about setting PRs. So okay, now that I know what the people want, I can do that more often.

12 miles was rough yesterday. It was warm again, and I was good for about 8 miles. On the other hand, it was a beautiful sunrise, and we ran down the Kemah boardwalk just as it was that time. The last couple of miles were filled with some frequent walk breaks and we stopped to observe a whole mess of Nutria swimming in one of the offshoots of Clear Lake. We were tired, so I think we watched them even after they were no longer interesting.

6 miles this morning wasn't as bad, and I started to feel pretty good after 3-4 miles. We had a small group of about 5 people meet down at the Seabrook Trails for an easy recovery run.

Back to 5 milers tomorrow, which will be my fourth week with 5 mile daily runs. I plan to do at least 5 weeks at this level before I consider bumping mileage again. Probably even 6 weeks.

Anyway, it's Monday already. It's difficult to tell that this even was a long weekend. I crashed on the sofa yesterday for about 6 hours after my long run, and I'm going to have to get up and do something before the same thing happens today.

Good luck to 'Broadway Joe' Carey in his Boulder Bolder.


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Barbara said...

So no rain at your end of town this morning? It rained, thundered, lots of lightning - we had it all.

Better watch out for those nutria; they're in the pond close to a park that's between my house and Jon's. Those things'll come outta the water and grab you like the gators do in Florida.