Saturday, May 13, 2006

10 good miles and a good bagel

One of our staple routes is the 10 miles from Clear Lake Park, down Nasa Road 1, right on Todville Road, and over the bridge, and back. The weather, as you probably know, was beautiful, and we got to the bridge just as the sun came up. Our 12 mile route goes the same way, but includes the Kemah boardwalk and Kipp Road through Kemah, so I'm looking forward to that distance, which we'll probably do in a few weeks or so.

The group then headed to Einstein Bagels for bagels and whatnot. People are starting to get excited about the TMC this year. There seems to be at least 6 of us who are committed, and there may be more that catch the bug before too long.

We're debating the schedule and I've been floating the idea of making our first race the Palo Duro Trail Run, and there's one other person who wants do that one too, and I think it may be gaining momentum. From the website it looks beautiful. Resistance only comes from the fact that it will take 9+ hours of driving to get there, but I say we can drive there in 8:45 - 8:50 easy.

Keith signing off.
Remember, time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

3 comments: said...

Are whatnots tasty? Are they approved post-race food?

I heard Vegas set the over/under line at 9 hours and 3 minutes officially.

What is your overall weekly mileage getting to be?

Come the fall, you should be blazing in these marathons.

Keith said...

5 miles per day and one 10 miler is about 40 miles for this week. It seems like a lot, but I think running everyday is the easiest way to increase weekly mileage.

The first week at 5 mpd felt good.


Holden said...

Is it that the fruit flies, the insects that likes the bananas or that fruits fly like a banana? I must have had one too many whatnots. Either way, I'm awed at your 40 mile/week routine.