Thursday, May 04, 2006

More data for your charts and graphs

Here are my stats for yesterday on the bridge - I was pretty wiped out after this one.
1 : 9:19
2 : 9:05
3 : 9:00
4 : 8:35
Total : 4.01 miles in 36:02
Avg Pace : 9:00

Here are my stats for this morning.
1 : 9:41
2 : 9:15
3 : 9:04
4 : 9:10
Total : 4.14 miles in 38:26
Avg Pace : 9:17

And that bird tried to attack me again! He came closer than ever today. I don't know what this bird thinks of me, but I'm really not the kind of person to eat raw baby birds from a crow's nest. I think I might have to hire Bill to help out with my bird problem. I would just run a different route, but I think if I submit to threats like this, then they've already won.

And there was this old guy out there this morning. I see him everyday practically, he walks with his walker thing that has a built in chair, so he walks a bit and sits down and walks more later. And he's always going up to the corner store and he buys a couple of beers and sometimes drinks them when he stops to rest. I think as soon as he gets home, he's out of beer and heads back out again. But he was there when I left and he was returning when I finished, so I guess his little beer run takes at least 40 minutes, probably closer to an hour by the time he gets back to his own complex. No point to this story.


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Dave Smart said...

good run, you are getting dangerously fast...(becoming another runner I will aspire to keep up with)