Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm such a sell-out. It's time I got back to burning bridges.

I ran 5.5 miles on a new route in La Porte yesterday. It was not a bad route, I'll probably run it again. It goes through a nice neighborhood right along the bay, and could easily cover 7 miles on an out and back.

And for another 5 miles this morning, and I was beat. No energy, but at the same time, I have the itchy legs. It's like my legs are tired, and hurt a little, but I feel like I should run more and that would help in some way.

That's all for today. Not the most interesting blog post. I feel like I've lost a bit of my edge with this blog. I think more people are reading it, and I've lowered my freak flag a little to comply with society and its rules. And I'm starting to get more involved with my other running club, so I'm trying to be a respectable figure, I guess. I've forgotten my roots. My blog has always been driven by my twisted sense of humor and desire to make children cry.

Well, no more for that! I'll brainstorm this and get back to you. Keep the kids off this blog for a while. I'll do something soon that will insult everyone and everything. I'll be controversial like the DaVinci Code. Oh, incidentally, I saw a magazine in the grocery store, with a cover story on "the DaVinci Code Diet," because apparently, hidden in some of his masterpieces, Leonardo Da Vinci left some secret messages about a secret diet to help you prepare for bikini season.

Gotta go.


Dave Smart said...

Nice to see you're following the program- don't know if these old legs could hack running every day without a break. I found that a few easy lampost intervals really helped energize the legs a bit this AM.

Jill said...

Hallelujah!! Keith "the Freak" is back!! See what happens when you give up things for Lent - they stick!

Holden said...

Leonardo Da Vinci?!?! Crap, I thought it was all about Leonardo DiCaprio. Dang. Now I've got this sinking feeling...