Wednesday, May 03, 2006

4 miles yesterday, and 4 miles today

There's a crow that always tries to attack me at one point in my route. It really does seem kind of scary. And he appears to be suffering from flu-like symptoms. It's probably not the birdflu though, it's probably just a cold.

Here are my stats for Tuesday.
1 : 9:53
2 : 9:25
3 : 9:06
4 : 8:48
Total : 4.13 miles in 38:25
Avg Pace : 9:18

And for today (Wednesday).
1 : 9:51
2 : 9:22
3 : 9:02
4 : 9:00
Total : 4.11 miles in 38:17
Avg Pace : 9:18

Why don't you buy yourself a gift today, and sign my name.


Jill said...

You have got bird flu on the brain! You are starting to freak me out. You and the lady who is stocking up on tuna fish!

david said...

Thanks for the hooker!
My wife is not too happy, but what could she do when she found out it was from you!

Humble Runner said...

We better not take any chances; I'll follow you with my shotgun. I just need you to post bail when I get arrested for running four-miles with a loaded gun.

I'll also need to find a camouflage singlet first...I'll get back with you.