Friday, May 12, 2006

Cool breeze, warm sun.

Five miles on the bridge yesterday. Five miles through the 'hood this morning.

I've got the distances for several 5 mile routes around my crib, and now I can finally drop my GF for a while. I feel bad for just using her like that, just because she knows the distances of my runs better, and then 'shelving' her, because we've only been together since Christmas. But, she keeps pushing me to go faster, and it's my body and it's my temple. I wonder how my mom would feel about this, because she's the one that picked her out for me, but of course, Mom would never want me to get hurt by moving too quickly.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, the management of the Clear Lake Fitness Club is shaking things up a bit this season, with the addition of some new marathon and half marathon training plans, which are likely to kick a little more butt. More mileage, more long runs, so people won't just survive the marathon, but run it well.

It's a little bit controversial at the moment, as they find a balance between being challenging to veteran marathoners and being inclusive for beginning runners and walkers. I think there's enough people of varying paces so we can have it both ways.

Keith out.

1 comment: said...

Absolutely hilarious! Way to keep the streak alive though.

I'm putting you down as the pro kid pacer for the HARRA Just For Kids Fun Run in November! But you can take the toddlers out any more than 25 yards.