Sunday, May 14, 2006

Casual 5 miles on the trails.

I got up late, and eventually made my way down to the Seabrook trails for another 5 miler this morning. I chose to run the whole 6 mile route, and just stop after 5 miles and stroll back to the start. I like to run by the bay, and a nice one mile walk is nice to cooldown (even though people might have thought I quit). I know we're having a cold front, but it's still important to start early. Even at 9AM it was getting to be too warm.

At one point, as I was running, there was a guy running the other way, so I said, "good morning," and he said, "I read your blog." I was surprised and said "Oh, thanks!" but I think it was probably incomprehensible. So, thank you runner, for reading, I hope my blog is not too big of a waste of time.

Oh, and who am I forgetting... Hmm... Ah, yes. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers of the world.


And for reasons I don't want to get into, I have to reset the 'snack cracker counter' again. :( Oh, those sweet sweet Cheez-its. They are a harsh mistress.


jamoosh said...

Mmmmmm, Cheez-its.

Holden said...

Cheez-its. Well at least it's baked. I buy it by the box at Sam's.