Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mileage increases: big steps v. little steps

I felt drained from the very beginning of the run this morning and all the way through. I had trouble just getting out the door. But, I've noticed, and that crazy run every day article mentioned too, that the second week at a new mileage level is typically the toughest. But there's something I like about this program, beyond the running everyday.

This plan calls for increases in mileage, sometimes fairly large increases (increasing from 2 miles per day to 3 miles per day is a 50% increase in one week). But since the new mileage level is maintained with no additional increase for several weeks, it's not too much of an insult to the standard 10% rule (10% increase every week for four weeks is ultimately a 46% increase).

So my point is, the big steps make for a difficult second week, but it makes it much more obvious how much you are improving. It's very obvious that the third week is easier than the second week, and the fourth week is even easier, and by the fifth week, I seem to be itching for another bump in mileage. When I was increasing mileage 10% per week, all the weeks are more or less the same.

So, forget about the everyday running. Think about the big steps, kick it around. I think Jack Daniels proposes large steps followed by a several consistent weeks as an alternative to the 10% rule too.

And also, please continue to rock on.

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