Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ten miles in my new Red Shoes

I ran 10 miles with the club this morning. It was difficult getting myself out of bed since I've been out of the morning running routine.

My left foot began to hurt again about eight miles in, but it wasn't too bad when I was running. It does hurt a lot more now though. I've vowed not to run more than 6 miles from now until race day, that seems to be a safe distance before it starts to hurt.

But I was preoccupied with other pains from about three miles on. And I kept cursing that stupid "no socks" rule, and that stupid mayor. I know it's a bad idea to go without socks for the first time on a ten mile run. And I knew beforehand that I'd get a couple of blisters and it would hurt a bit, but it seemed like I'd be doing my part for the team. It's troubling that I knew it was a bad idea and I still did it.

I hardly ever get blisters, and I guess I forgot how bad they hurt. At times it was like someone holding a match to my toes. And I didn't expect to see at the end that I'd bled completely through my shoes, and the whole insides of my shoes were red. I'll spare you the imagery of what my poor feets looked like when I took my shoes off.

Stupid mayor.



jedith said...

Amazing. I don't have nearly enough energy to run, much less exercise in general.

atownrunner said...

You should have worn black socks for the run. I hope your feet recover quickly.

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

that's dedication!
(unlike me, who passed up tixkets AND wore white socks this weekend!)