Sunday, October 02, 2005

Space City 10 miler.

What a crappy run for me. I have no shortage of excuses, mainly the heat, and my illness. I finished around 1:44, which was 14 minutes slower than last year, and 10 minutes slower than a training run I had a few weeks ago. I think I'm fit enough to set a PR, but not today. It was too hot, and my legs were rubbery after only 4 miles or so. So I started walking, and it turned into one of the longest days of my life. I might still be out there, I'm not sure how, but I might be.

But I know something about myself. I've been running for long enough to realize that bad races are great for my training. A great race leaves me emotionally drained and sends me into a running slump that could last two months, knowing that PRs are going to be very difficult afterwards. But bad races seem to focus my training and usually are a good sign after all is said and done.

How about that for spin?

It's not just spin, I believe it.

Rock on.


lisaleese said...

Ah, the Man of Action is a Man of Optimism! How much did the 10 miler SUCK? Lots! How much am I looking forward to a cooler weekend for my 21 mile run? Lots!
I'm adding you to the blog link list on my 'ol page...

atownrunner said...

nice way to look at it. thanks for the different perspective since I'm still dealing with being mad at myself.