Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My next obsession?

I registered for the NYCM lottery on January 31st, the first day it was open, and it was running around in my mind even before that. Actually, I started running in October 2003, and watched the NYCM special on TV about a month later. I taped it. I've watched probably 20 times, same thing with last year's race.

After I run it, what will I do? Will I stop running? Doubtfull. There may not be much of a gap between obsessions, I've been working on another one for a while already.

I have some friends I was planning on visiting next summer. And at about that time of year, there's a little footrace they have, at a little mountain they have...

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Steve Bezner said...

I've been running less than a year and have been asked what my next obsession is as well. I was thinking a tri-athlon, although I'm not much into swimming, I'm thinking I need a hobby that allows me to sleep more!

Congrats on your decision to climb that little hill! :-)