Wednesday, October 12, 2005

possible subluxated cuboid bone.

update : For anyone searching for information on lateral foot pain, I've compiled a list of sites and stuff for everything I've learned about it. I'm not sure it will be any more helpful than google, but here it is anyway.
Compilation of my knowledge


Well, Dr. Keith, with a consult from Dr. Google, has diagnosed my foot pain.
Subluxated cuboid bone.

It's a partial dislocation of one of the bones on the lateral portion of the foot. It's described as a dull pain, which sounds about right, and I do sometimes feel like there are some bones moving around in there, in ways they shouldn't. But it's not too bad when I'm running, although I did pay the price a bit more a couple hours after yesterdays run. It's an injury that supposed to be reserved for dancers, because they move side to side a lot more than others, but I guess I can have such an injury because I'm a big clumsy idiot.

Dr. Keith did the appropriate chiropractic adjustments for me and made me a subcuboidal support pad which may or may not help, we'll see. I think it can be managed.


runner792 said...

Just started reading running blogs and yours looks like fun. I especially like reading those from around the world. I just launched my site with my compilation of 35 years of running. ( Note chapter 1 can be downloaded for free. The other charges are to cover my web site development costs. Love to have your comments on Chapter 1. John

lisaleese said...

What the???? Sounds very complicated. May your manipulations go well and may you be running pain free soon~