Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nobody Touch Me ! (updated with additional paranoia)

Nobody touch me for the next two weeks. I have to heal up and I don't have a lot of time. I can't risk you doing additional damage to me. I've worked too hard, in the hottest part of the Texas summer, to risk getting tripped up by you, or poked in the eye by you, or infected by whatever it is you're culturing in your body. I think a 20 foot donut of free space around me should be enough to prevent most injuries, at the same time, it isn't tooo crazy. A 100 foot donut would be crazy, a 20 foot donut is sensible. So that's a 20 foot donut for people, and maybe a 200 foot donut for birds. I'm freaking out about the birds now too, today I saw a mockingbird that seemed to be exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

I'm still limping a little bit from yesterdays 10 miler. The blisters aren't the main concern, but the aching cuboid. I'm really going to rest up these last two weeks. I'm not too proud to use the little motorized shopping cart at the grocery store. Maybe I'll even rent a Segway for these last two weeks. Then I could still join in the group runs on my Segway, and maybe I could even keep up with the rabbits.

Maybe I should be doing things like this all through training. I think I'd get the most out of my running, if I was resting as much as possible, and zipping around in a little motorized wheelchair whenever I'm not running. I should probably even set up the mechanical breather, to save my lungs for my intervals. Instead of wasting my breath talking, I can communicate with blinks. I'd only get up to run, and to sleep, and to empty the jar. Everything else can be done by my helper monkey.

Rock on. Don't touch me.

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Steve Bezner said...

My friend has run with me on his Segway and it's great unless you do a run more than 10 miles! (depending on model and battery condition of course). The seg is great for non-runners to run with you.