Sunday, October 16, 2005

Taper time.

There's a lot to talk about today.

I'm starting the taper as of this moment, and it is going to be very light on running, even more than a taper usually is. I headed out for a 15 miler yesterday and was delighted to learn that my foot was completely pain free, for about 6 miles anyway. Then it set in, gradually increasing in intensity, and I made what I thought was the mature decision (a rarity for me). So I bagged it after 8 miles, and decided to start the healing immediately. I had two 21 milers and two 18 milers and a handful of 15+ milers, so hopefully that will be enough.

I think the majority of the training is behind me, and I don't think I can make significant improvements to my fitness in just 3 weeks. I can, however, blow it. If I keep pushing it and my foot is in its current condition, or worse, on race day, I'll be looking at a very long and painful 26 miles.

The pain is rather dull, but increases as I go, but by my estimates I think I can still complete this marathon. For yesterdays run, I had two good days of rest, and my foot was pain free for 6 miles, but I made 8 without too much trouble, and I think I could have gone 12 or so before it got too bad to continue. So with 3 weeks of high quality rest, perhaps I can heal up to a point where I can go 16 without pain, and 26 without dying.

I think the key will be to stick to short slow running, making sure to stop before it starts to hurt.

I was going to try some Powergel for the first time on this run too. Lisa and Cassie, who were kind enough to respond to last week's One Question Poll Question - "To Gu or Not to Gu," convinced me that it did have a place in a training plan, and I should find out how it affects me. They've reawakened the experimental spirit in my training.

There is a new One Question Poll Question this week. This one will test your running limits, when I try to find out "How Macho are You?"

I have more to talk about, I told you there was a lot to cover. There is something else I have been working on. Probably the coolest new feature to this blog, or any blog I've ever seen. I don't want to oversell it, but it will absolutely revolutionize the free world. But it's not quite ready yet, I think I'll put it up on Tuesday or Wednesday. So tune in soon and I will freak your mind out with this revolutionary new technology.

Rock on.


equarles said...
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atownrunner said...

oops. posted that under the wrong name...
wow...i just read that you are training for NYC. you'll love it. the crowds are awesome.

lisaleese said...

NYC! Great run.. at least, from a spectator's point of view.. I watched my hubby run!

I am dying to know what will revolutionize the blogging world........