Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Poll is back up. You can relax now.

So the majority of people that responded to last weeks poll question - How Macho are you? - are 50 miles worth of macho. I think I would have answered the same way. At least I wouldn't voluntarily walk for races less than 50 miles. Even though I'd probably benefit from walking breaks, if only just to hydrate, but I'm just TOO DAMNED MACHO.

The One Question Poll wasn't working earlier in the week, so I took it down, but it seems to be back up and running now. The problem was on earthlink's end, not mine. And I spent about 45 minutes on an online chat with an earthlink representative trying to convince him that there was nothing wrong with my code, it was their code that was messing up. And during the process, he hit my webpage like 20 times, and my StatCounter showed that he was in India, which was funny because he said his name was Darryl! Darryl finally admitted that I was right.

Anywho, my foot feels fine, as it usually does after a couple days rest, but for some reason my other foot hurts. I think I might fall apart before I even get to New York.

Okay, gotta go, tie game, bottom of the ninth, throwing error on #1, burke steals third. Biggio's got 3-0 count.

Rock on.

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