Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's time to run the bridge again.

I ran 4 miles or so on the Kemah bridge this morning. 5:00 AM, which seems early, but one member of our group, Bob, mentioned that he started his long run this weekend, even earlier. Get this... Saturday morning... I started my 21 miler at 4:00 and I thought that was early, but guess what time Bob started his long run... One twenty A. M.

There are a lot of really impressive runners at the club. Go ahead, ask Bob how many marathons he's done. He doesn't even know anymore.

My foot isn't any worse than yesterday, so that's something.

It took every bit of energy I had to wake up this morning. Getting down to the bridge by 5 means I have to get up at a quarter to four, and I've been out of rhythm for a couple of weeks now. I stay up late, and sometimes oversleep. I did make it down to the bridge on time, but I slept for another hour after I got back home.

Rock on.

Why don't you go buy yourself a present today? You deserve it.

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