Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Congratulations to the Astros!

Of course, I had to mention this, as I'll bet a lot of other bloggers are too. But I'm proud of the Astros, they've waited so long for this, and it's good to see them celebrating. I've always had a lot of respect for players that stick with their team through difficult years, so it's great to see Biggio and Bagwell finally get what they deserve. And there are still players like that, not everybody is just out for the paycheck. I'm sure if I was kid growing up in this area, one of them would have been my hero, much like Don Mattingly was to me as a kid.

Just an update about my running, because I guess this is supposed to be a running blog. My foot is doing pretty well. I've been keeping my running short and slow and it hasn't bothered me for a while. I am still worried, because if it is a subluxated cuboid bone, as Dr. Keith diagnosed, it seems like if I do run until it hurts, I will be completely back at square one in terms of healing, because it will mean that the bone is again out of position. I've trained so hard all through the hottest part of the summer, and an injury would be the only thing that can keep me from finishing the NYCM.

And I know I promised to release a new blog feature today, but I can't step on the Astros like that. I'll let them have their day, and then the world can go crazy for me tomorrow.

Rock on.


lisaleese said...

'Stros Win!

I think you're taking the right track with your foot. With so little time before the marathon, there's no reason to blow it now! Besides, once this one is finished, there will be many more to look forward to, once the cubiod thingy becomes un-subluxated..

Now, gimme a hint about the BONUS BLOG FEATURE!

jen said...

YAY Astros!!

(Hi, by the way! I found your blog via Lisa's blog. :) )