Saturday, October 08, 2005

Feeling like I'm back to my old form.

Like it says in the title, today I felt like I was back to my old form. Not my old old form, that would be bad. My old old form involves a lot of couch potatoing and unhealthy eating. The only goal that I had back then was to be buried in a piano box.

I had a great 21 miler this morning. I ran the whole way, with nice mostly even splits, just like the new old me. It is a great confidence boost for me, as you know as a loyal reader, I have been struggling, getting over an illness and getting over some of the mental barriers that I thought were behind me. On top of it all, the overall pace, was a few seconds per mile faster than my 10 mile race last week.

So it seems like pretty good ammunition for me to dispell the negative thoughts I have about that race, and about how "I've lost all my fitness," and "the NYCM is going to be a disaster for me," and "the piano box is waiting for me."

I ran with a woman from the club named Tonia, and two others, Nicole and Phyllis, joined in for segments. I have to admit, that Tonia carried me through this one, because it definitely wasn't easy for me. I could feel my legs start burning, as early as mile 10, and it was getting worse. I might have started walking if I was alone, but I decided to wait until it was really unbearable, to admit that I needed to slow down, but it never got that far.

Then I had breakfast with the rest of the club, and got to hear some stories about the St. George Marathon. I definitely can't miss that one.

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lisaleese said...

At least it was a good day for running 21 miles! GREAT weather!

By the way - did I meet you when I went down to speak to the Clear Lake Fitness club a few weeks ago? David Stockton brought me down there, and kept me up to date on his marathon. Isn't his a great story! I told him I wanted some of his mojo before I headed to Marine Corps...