Sunday, July 23, 2006

Turning an old leaf back over...

My weekend : Run, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, run, eat, blog, sleep, eat, sleep.

I'm currently on step 9 - blog.

My 16 miles Saturday morning went better than expected. There was 7 or 8 people that started together at 4:30, and we ran about 11 miles through the neighborhoods around the park and extended our run along a long straightaway up Red Bluff Road to Bay Area Blvd. Several people mentioned how strange it was running on that leg of the route, because it was very dark, and there was a fine mist coming off the prairie to the side of the road. Headlights from the occasional car would light the way and reveal the silhouettes of the other runners as they approach, and when they flew by and said good morning, we'd all try to reach a consensus on 'who was it?'

And after our 11 miles, we were back at the park to meet the main group on their 5 miler. We got there in time to hear Coach Rick mention to the newbies that adaptation to training takes 6 weeks, and then things will get better, so if they were thinking of quitting, they should just invest 4 more weeks and decide then. However, I took it to mean that, in 4 weeks, I can quit. But I ran the final 5, and complained for most of it.

This morning I was pretty sore, but I feel better now after 5 easy miles on the trails. I didn't want to run this morning. I even said so, out loud, to nobody. "I don't wanna." And after I got to the trails I sat in my car and said it again, "don't wanna go." But I fell for the old "just run 2 miles" trick, and it was enough to loosen up so I could cruise through the planned 5 miles. And it was a good thing I did, because right after I started I got to see the former star of Knots Landing, our very own Broadway Joe Carey.

So, I trained well this week, with a strong run on the bridge on Thursday, and a good long run, and 46 miles total, capping off 22 weeks of consistent training.

But I'm in a blogging slump, it's been three days since my last post. And on top of it, I've lost my edge. I used to post all kinds of crazy stuff, back when nobody read it. :) I used to say that if nobody was going to visit my site, I was going to have to go "porno" and post a pee-cam or something. Bill's right, I have gotten soft. A year ago, I would have eaten that bird!

Okay, this week... I promise to do something stupid. I know I've said it before, but I mean it this time. This time it will stick! I will post something offensive, or I will eat something that's innappropriate, or I will give way too much information about something. I promise.

Listening to: Beck - Satan Gave Me a Taco (I opened up a taco stand, just to smell the smell.)



JoeC said...

Knots Landing eh? Was I a bad guy? Did I have five wives? Did I get poisoned?

You are excused from blogging more often when you go over 45 miles per week.

Vic said...

Ok, let's hear it....waiting...something offensive?...still waiting...just no fat jokes. :)

jamoosh said...

I see the snack craclers have been naughty again...

Humble Runner said...


JustJunebug said...

Gosh i have missed ALOT! U are in a blogging slump and I am in a reading blogs slump!!

I would like to quit now please ;O)