Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Bridge

Back on the bridge for two laps this morning. I think there were 10 people out there this time - the marathon buzz is beginning.

I felt pretty good and probably ran the bridge faster than I ever have, but no watch, so my greatness will have to remain in my own mind for the time being. It's pleasant in here. I'm much faster. You should come visit my brain for a while, you're invited!

Listening to: Lyle Lovett - In My Own Mind (I live where I can breathe; Ain't nothin' but a cool breeze.)



Vic said...

What bridge you running? So how long are the uphill and downhill intervals.

Keith said...

It's the Kemah bridge. It's about a mile from end to end, and the uphill and downhill portions are .35-.4 miles each.
It's a pretty good workout.


Sarah said...

I rode the bridge on my bike on Sunday. Haven't run it in about 3 years. Ugh.

Holden said...

With all your reference to THE BRIDGE, I can't get the tune from "The Bridge on the River Kwai" out of my head. Perhaps you will whistle it for me next time you're doing the bridge thingy. If the going gets a little tough, you can think about "The Bridge Too Far." If you feel more like a pacifist, perhaps you can indulge like a bridge over troubled waters even though I'm not sure whether the water under the Kemah bridge is troubled or polluted or whatever. Hmmm, sounds like I'm rambling. Perhaps another run on a hot afternoon will cure it.

Ta ta for now!! You're grrrrrrrrreat!