Saturday, July 08, 2006

15.5 miles, and I felt good.

Got up real early. Ran a long way. Ate a lot. Took a nap.

Judging by some of the blogs I've read this morning, I'm probably the only one that enjoyed the conditions this morning. You all should have come down to Clear Lake. It was warm for the first 5.5 miles, but when we got to the Kemah boardwalk, it started pouring, and all along the boardwalk there were streams of water shedding off the rooves. And it rained steadily until I was finished running, and running in the rain is infinitely more enjoyable than running in the muggy heat. I wish it would rain for every long run.

I felt like I had something to prove after my dismal experience last week on Clearwater Beach. I'm glad to know that I can still manage a strong 15 miler.

There are a lot of new faces at the club, and I'm making an effort to remember names. I've noticed that a lot of times, when someone is introduced to me, I don't even listen to their name. I can't remember a name that was told to me just 10 seconds earlier. I tried to pay attention today.

I learned of an option for another October Texas marathon this morning, that I'm pretty excited about. We've been looking for a good October marathon, for our run at the TMC, and nobody wanted to take the 9 hour drive all the way to the Marathon2Marathon, although that sounds like a cool race too.

Listening to: The String Cheese Incident - No Woman, No Cry (Everything's gonna be alright.)



Vic said...

I really, really enjoyed the heat this morning. I love to sweat and I'm sure not worried about pace. I'm with you on this one, bro. said...

Sounds like you all have discovered the Miracle Match Marathon in Waco.

Unless you plan on doing Rocky Raccoon 50K!