Saturday, July 29, 2006

Catching up on my running.

A couple responses to comments on the redpill/bluepill stuff:

Barbara: You don't really believe that. Are you suggesting there's no greater meaning to life?

anonymous: Fuck you.

Well, my last post was probably the closest I came to offending anyone this week, and I did have a small jab in there for the righties. I had dialed it down a bit, and I probably should have left it out altogether. I think it detracted from my attempt to frame your personal hero's journey as a primitive instinct.

Anyway, lots of running to discuss, most of it a struggle. 2 laps on the bridge, where it was brutally hot in one direction and bearable in the other direction. 5 miles around my neighborhood on friday, which I don't remember all that much, oh yes, now I remember, I got up real late and the sun was way up already and it was very hot and I was miserable.

This morning brought 12 good miles out of 16. It's a bit troubling, that I occasionally have so much difficulty going just over half the goal distance. My left foot complains a little, most of all when I'm just walking, and not so much when I'm running.

The highlight was breakfast at Los Ramirez, where I had the Omlette de Pollo, and for lunch I had Pizza Hut, and for dinner, probably something worse.

Listening to: Paco de Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas



Humble Runner said...

Sorry. I didn't mean to piss ya off with the annonymous. I put that in there, cause I enjoy it when you reply... "I know who you are". We're still buds, right?

Keith said...

We're buds. I'm not pissed off, I was trying to be offensive. I thought it was poetic.


Bar-Bar-A said...

Dang Keith. You used my name and the F bomb in the same sentence. I'm very offended!

No greater meaning to life? I just said economics was the meaning of life, or so I thought. know I'm just giving you grief.

Keith said...

Hey, I offended somebody! Whoohoo!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...


Anonymous said...

I think you rock Keith...You inspire me all the time! You can be funny too....Well, sometimes (LOL) Think the myth book sound quite interesting and the last post made me think. You know how I feel about religion so I won't say anything to offend... Who am I???? ;P